Samsung Galaxy Note II NYC Launch Event – Behind the Scenes with Damaris

In this exclusive video, Samsung Social Media Specialist Damaris takes you behind the scenes at the Galaxy Note II October 24 Launch Event at the Moymihan Station in NYC. Get a glimpse of all the action in her tour! Learn more about what makes the Galaxy Note II the Best of Both Worlds and join the community at

32 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note II NYC Launch Event – Behind the Scenes with Damaris

  1. The Last Trap God

    It kind of is i mean its big enough to be a mini tablet yet its more similar to the S3 which is a smartphone.

  2. Dennis Nikolov

    dude samsug really nailed the design of s3 and note,if u ever holded one u will notice that these curves of phone in few days of usage will make u bilieve its smaller than it is.Thats how i feel with my s3 and it doesnt make me impression its 4,8 inch anymore.Seeking other poeple with s2 make me wonder if its note 1 cause the iphone style and looks quite bigger in hands.

  3. ConceptVBS

    Events like these are generally loud with loud live music playing in the back.

    Using NFC tech hasnt been done before by anyone else. So yes, that is innovation.

  4. RequiemFor America

    yeah it would really be a waste of 600$ for you – obviously you are too dumb to use the device for anything else 😉 

  5. Hermulus

    Too bad Samsung doesn't give these away for free to regular folk. I'd love to have a 64gb Marble White Note II. Test drove one at T-Mobile today and this phone is amazing! Tech blogs have not given this device its proper due.

  6. yo mama

    SVoice is horrendous on this thing.
    Hangs all the time.
    Kies sucks. Trying to copy iTunes.
    Tried the Google Now to read txt msgs to me and it wont.

  7. tingyu teo

    International version note 2 4G is only 16gb internal storage and under 2 yrs contract is $299 and I have to paid total of $1680 for 2 yrs contract not even 32gb, 64gb internal storage even though there's expandable external memory up to 64gb note 2 cost $1000 without contract and I'm under contract paying $680 more only for 16gb version and is the note 2 4g International version why the Korean version has tv antenna able to watch live tv free


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