Samsung Galaxy Note II – Happy Holidays with Kirigami

While you’re busy Giving the Gift of Galaxy to your family and friends, the team at Samsung Mobile USA wanted to wish you all a very happy Holiday season using the beautiful art of Kirigami and our very own Galaxy Note II! Join our family for the Holidays at

41 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note II – Happy Holidays with Kirigami

  1. Kellye Hannema

    I searched for the paper artist app but didn't find one that would work like this in the video, anyone point me in the right direction, please

  2. Aey Rodcharoen

    Paper Artist is pre-installed only on the Galaxy Note II. I'm not sure if it would be out in the Play Store. It's a very cool app so I think they'll put it up in the market soon. 

  3. Kellye Hannema

    Thanks for the information. I wonder if it is also on my Galaxy Note 10.1 I will have to look and hope it makes it to the market so I can have it for my GSIII

  4. tamnavac

    Only idiot can make Samsung Kies, I try to connect my B7722 with samsung nc10 notebook, Macbook and Hp desktop, and trying to manage my phonebook on the mobile phone but there is not chance to made connection. 

  5. DurexDurpaneu2

    i came here just to say: amazing commercial! i wish all the companies in the world take you as a prime example of the best advertisement out there.

  6. Tahir Hakeem

    Not really – note 2 is my first android device and hence my youtube account is linked to the gmail account specifically made for this device – I dont mix my personal accounts with my gadgets… I've owned all the iPhones and honestly they both (android and iOS) are good in their own terms…. Enjoy :-)

  7. Moosa Mahsoom

    The music reminds me of 'the sorcerers apprentice' featuring mickey mouse. The movie based on that was also good which featured Nicolas Cage. Darn it, I forgot the name of the other guy, the prime merlonaw???

  8. j-o-j-o

    I'm an apple fan and I love this ad. Don't categorise all apple fans as haters. I've got a samsung galaxy note 2 as my phone because it does what I need it to. I've got an ipad mini as my primary tablet because again it does what I need it to do. I also have an iMac for the same reason. I just wish samsung improves their support on macs.

  9. Shelley Wolinsky

    If samsung is the next big thing, why does my tablet freeze when I want tp play words wvith friends? Fixing android apps would really big the next big thing to me!


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