Samsung Galaxy Gear: In the Wild

“We’re in the future, guys. It’s right here on my wrist.” Watch Galaxy Gear get introduced for the first time on the streets of NYC and learn more about the features that make it The Next Big Thing at

49 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Gear: In the Wild

  1. God. I am considerably envious of my nephew right this moment. He's been alone for a long time. Nonetheless he's mind-fucked a swimwear model to tell him she loves him in under a month. Just how can that be achievable? He smiled and told me he obtained the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone attractive told me they loved me… I really don't recall at any time seeing him so cheerful. Kinda makes me frustrated.

  2. Amazing. Definitely want one, although I think it wouldve been better if the camera was on the bottom of the strap where the microphone is, that way you could look directly at the screen to take a picture and aim with the back of your wrist. Also it wouldve been better if the mic was on the front by the screen so you can just talk into it instead of holding it to your ear, and it wouldve been cool if there was a front facing camera too, imagine if you could do video calls.. maybe in the gear 2..

  3. I'll wait for the update.for note 2, that's ridiculous to pay another 300-700 for another phone,cause as soon as you buy it,another one comes out..(galaxy s5) lol then I'll buy the watch,but not at 300 bucks..Sammy you have lost your mind on that price tag!

  4. Yeah who expects a major electronics company to charge for some of their latest products, there isn't any other company out there that has high profits on their products..

  5. It's $300.
    $300. Really.
    And it doesn't even work as a phone by itself. Samsung, this is cool. Just try to, y'know, make it less useless and overpriced and get back to me.

  6. Im a great Samsung fan, I just got my Galaxy 4 Mini, but… LG has already launch long time ago their Watchphone: /watch?v=_FAwzkc0gKo

    I had and use the GD910 and it was fucking awesome… I don't see anything new in here.

  7. So does this mean I also have to also buy the behemoth of a phone, The Note 3, or could it be used with any android? I would rather not have all the extra pocket girth in my trousers

  8. it's only compatible with note 3 and s4 and you've to have one of them in your pocket. to me, the gear is expensive; almost worth half the phone or the note. otherwise, it's a sick device

  9. Your wrong,it's going to be compatible w the s3,s4, note's.just a app you dl to your phone for Bluetooth.there has also been.confirm it has worked on a HTC phone,but just not all the features.

  10. So why make S Health avaliable on the Note 3 and the accessories like S band etc incompatible? Also the accessories are not avaliable in the US.

    I love my Note 3 and I utilize S Health to help me loose weight. The S Band would really help when I can't carry my device. Sometimes my clothing doesn't have pockets and holding this phone all the time is allot.

    Samsung please re think this and allow S Health accessories for the Note 3 in the US.
    I don't wear watches and haven't for over 10yrs or more because I always have my phone. 

  11. The amount of Apple fanboys/girls hating on a Samsung related video just makes Apple seem sad. VERY sad. 

  12. Great technology, I will never use any Apple junk ever after having an s4, there is just no comparison to s4. The galaxy and the note just do so much more. People saying its technology is useless, have really no idea what they are talking about in any shape or form. Without jobs, Apple just is no competition any longer. 

  13. Had my galaxy gear for 2days and it's the best waste of money ever. It's so bad ass. Love it. Way over priced but damn is it fun and cool. I paired it with the note 2 since the update. Works perfect. Call quality is amazing.

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