Samsung Galaxy: All the Feels

You don’t watch it, you feel it. Explore it all with the #GalaxyS7edge or #GalaxyS7 and #GearVR. Discover A Galaxy of Possibility:

28 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy: All the Feels

  1. Really? Crying over fucking VR?? At first I was like "Cool. I'd try it." Now I just want to go outside and punch the first oversensitive snowflake I see in the face.

  2. Imagine being able to witness the LIVE BIRTH of your child or grandchild in 360 degrees, from anywhere in the world and being able to replay that in the same 360 degree environment, whenever you want. That wouldn't make you cry?

  3. Imagine a prerecorded message from all family members. Then if someone passed away you would be able to feel like you were with them again..

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