Samsung Fascinate (Verizon) Features – Galaxy S Phone

The Verizon Samsung Fascinate – – An Android powered device, that provides access to over 60,000 applications from the Android Market. Complete with a large 4-inch Super AMOLED display. Powered by a 1GHz Samsung processor, the Galaxy S dazzles with amazing 3D graphics, faster upload and download times, and a rich multimedia and gaming experience.

20 thoughts on “Samsung Fascinate (Verizon) Features – Galaxy S Phone

  1. @Xuxa16 a couple weeks according to Samsungs Twitter page. Verizon wants the Droid 2 to get some sales in first. it will definitely be before October late September when the Droid Pro hype starts.

  2. @enos128 no to the front camera but it does have flash, and the galaxy s series is getting android 2.2 update.

  3. @hahny: adobe flash or a Camera Flash? Why is it taking so long to be released. I dislike Motorola hardware and HTC hasn't implemented Swype yet on their phones so this is my only hope! :(

  4. motorola's shit motoblur and samsung's shit UI = fail..

    Learn something from htc you fucking retards.

    qUIT giving us crap user interfaces.. Fuck tards.

  5. @greenrolaids you don't HAVE to use the samsung UI. even my windows mobile 6.1 has the option of changing ui's from samsungs to windows to customs ones I download. if you were at least half intelligent you would know this.

    buddy has a droid and he has a new ui installed, so GG……

  6. @RedDevilsChicha14 verizon has good cell service but their phones suck! i would rather buy AT&T they cover 97% of Americans.. does Verizon Communications do that!??? NOP!

  7. can anyone help me out i want to get this phone but i want to know about the phone its self its best or good features and its bad side as well if theirs any lol. ive done some research on it but i want to know from people who actually have this phone or people who might know this phone. also if you guys can help me out to get the least expensive plan for this phone i dont usually talk just txting. thanks.

  8. @MrIsmailmahmood AT&T Is getting better coverage everyday… whether it be EDGE, 3G, or 4G or god only knows thats next.. I like Verizon's phones but I hate how they gottem locked down..

  9. THIS PHONE SUCKS MY DICK. I bought 3 of them already and they all keep breaking. Whoever designed this phone, kindly buy a plane ticket to california so I can deposit all 3 of these samsung paperweights right up your old crusty asshole.

  10. 2.3 Android Factory Default Settings breaks wireless card. I've had two sent to me to replace my original, which used to work on wifi, both have not been working on wifi. I set mine to factory defaults to send back and now wireless won't work on it either. This was after my original came with a broken SD card. Samsung must hate me, my Samsung LCD has a busted Power Inverter as well, this will be the last Samsung product I buy. *****DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! I REPEAT DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE****

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