Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint) Features – Galaxy S Phone

The Sprint Samsung Epic 4G – – Slide-Out QWERTY keyboard, Front Facing Camera, LED flash. An Android powered device, that provides access to over 60,000 applications from the Android Market. Complete with a large 4-inch Super AMOLED display. Powered by a 1GHz Samsung processor, the Galaxy S dazzles with amazing 3D graphics, faster upload and download times, and a rich multimedia and gaming experience.

20 thoughts on “Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint) Features – Galaxy S Phone

  1. @samsungmobilusa, can you please put out an international version of this phone! I would buy it in a second to replace my aging HTC G1 if I could get it here in Canada!

  2. @UncleBodyguard671 this phone is actually better than the Evo. Better screen, faster cpu and better gpu. 8 megapixels means nothing except how big you can blow up a photo on a computer. touchwiz/sense also mean nothing, but can be replaced on the market easily to your liking, it's just the launcher. look at my videos of my hero as you can see anything can be done to these phones

  3. Best of the Galaxy S phones – without a doubt. The only drawback I suppose is if you go international – EV-DO is not supported. Otherwise, it is the best of the Galaxy S series.

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