Samsung Electronics acquires U.S. automotive electronics firm Harman

삼성, 車 전장사업 본격 진출…美 하만 9조에 인수
Samsung Electronics has signed an agreement to acquire U.S. automotive electronics company Harman International.
The Korean tech giant will buy the leading maker of connected car solutions for roughly 8 billion U.S. dollars.
The deal is expected to boost the company’s presence in the fast-growing connected technologies market.
According to Samsung, Harman complements the company in terms of technologies, products and solutions.
The market for connected car technologies is expected to hit 100 billion dollars by 2025, a dramatic spike from 45 billion last year.
The deal represents the largest-ever buyout for a Korean company.

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  1. Notice how more and more products are harming and injuring consumers more and more hmm is it a chineses things perhaps or is it disgruntled employees trying to get back at us or their bosses

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