Samsung Droid Charge Phone Features – Verizon

More Info: – The Droid Charge is designed with Samsung’s 4.3-inch Super AMOLED™ Plus display, setting a new touch screen standard for brightness, clarity and outdoor visibility. The Droid Charge is equipped with both a rear-facing 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera for both stills and video chatting. The smartphone’s 1GHz application processor and HTML 5 Web browser maximizes high-speed 4G LTE connectivity for faster downloads and graphics processing.

25 thoughts on “Samsung Droid Charge Phone Features – Verizon

  1. Stefaun Stone

    @iDann08 Easy to make insults when you arent presenting any facts….if droid was "BS" it would been the iPhones lead competitor…I dont have to insult the iPhone prove Android is a better OS compared to IOS…..and thats a fact

  2. Павел Рыскаленко

    прикольная вещичка. а реклама с сарказмом то )))) 

  3. weirdlounge

    I'm a iOS user, and not thinking of switching to Android soon, but, this phone looks quite nice! 😀 Although, right now, the iPhone has what I need

  4. Good Note DJs

    Looking forward to this new phone and I'm seriously considering getting it, but Verizon Wireless is screwing with the public by delaying the previously announced release date and then going silent on us, not posting any updates and not telling the VZ store folks a darn thing. Makes one wonder if there's some problems behind the scenes either with this device or with VZ's network??!! It really does.

  5. j pilla

    that's good they called it the droid charge since you'll probably have to charge it all day since it's android operated…

  6. Thall7308

    i love this phone, i had the TB but returned it the battery is worst than the Evo and went to tmobile for the g2x. it was ok but not a huge difference in real usage to i went back to verizon and im loving the charge

  7. Ron Ramen

    @impulsin15 What sprint uses as 4g barely counts as 3g much less 4g. LTE is the only one that well on its way to being the standard of 4G, with HSPA+ being more like 3.8 G or w.e. And the battery life on the evo was awful. 

  8. Robert Kersey

    @rahmanroni My phone is quick, clean and crisp. I can get about 12 hours on my phone and thats using it all day and all types of applications. If im just texting and surfing the web, at least 24 hours worth of life. Im just saying the Evo set the standard and there are a lot of phones out there like it. 

  9. zach crabtree

    Does this phone have a blinking LED notification light for when you receive a text/email or missed call???

  10. neilkulp

    ive got this phone – those saying the battery sucks, i deleted all the unecessary aps and shortcuts and shortened it to just 1 home page (which is all you need) and i charge it at night while i sleep. im on my phone almost all day, and make sure i actually exit any applications i use – by night fall my battery life is never under 85 percent.

  11. neilkulp

    plus i turn off wifi and/or mobile data (very quick and easy to do) when i know im not using the internet. if you properly use this phone (or any other) and appreciate how f***king amazing these things are, youll rarely have a negative thing to say about it. such a spoiled generation. I'm 22 by the way.


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