Samsung C3010 Mobile Phone

Are you the rugged type of person who is most likely to drop your phone several times during a climb or while you are riding a bike? Do you want a phone that would last and fit your lifestyle? The Samsung C3010 is the phone for you. It comes in black and a very classic design. It has dual Band EDGE and a 2-inch QQVGA 65K TFT Display. It is very thin that you can hardly notice it when you slip it in your pocket. It also has a VGA Camera that you can use to capture special moments, an MP3 Player for your top favourite songs and an FM Radio if you want to listen to the most in demand music today plus a recording if there is any sound you would like added on your play list. The Samsung C3010 also has Bluetooth capability and can be connected to your computer through a USB device in case you would like to do file transfer. This seemingly so simple and basic handset can actually accommodate up to 8GB data. It has a micro SD slot for its external memory. You can also browse the internet with Samsung C3010 because it supports WAP 2.0 so it is also your computer at hand. This phone is definitely to survive on most of your outdoor activities as you can talk on it for eight hours straight without any interruption or it can stand up to 340 hours without recharge! The classic handset design makes it very easy to use allowing you to text on it even with your eyes closed. It also has the necessary applications you need for your day-to-day living like the calendar, alarm clock, calculator and even games! Samsung C3010 was released in February 2009 but is still very much in demand until now. With all its great features, this mobile phone is being sold in the market at a very affordable price of Rs 2, 600. If you want value for your money and you want a phone that lasts, Samsung C3010 is definitely the best phone for you.

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