samsung 52 1080p lcd hdtv

This samsung 52 1080p lcd hdtv Television also has many extras including hookups for your digital camera, MP3 players to allow you to listen to your favorite music or even view your family photos on your new High Definition TV. The Samsung LN40A550 also offers great sound quality with SRS TruSurround XT give you great high definition sound in a crystal clear quality.

The clairity and picture of this television is unrivaled by few. It has great response time with the new 5-Millsecond pixel response time which really makes this television a treat to watch. The 5-Millsecond response time is really one of the fastest on the market and will amaze you when watching high speed action as this television keeps up with every move on the screen.

In conclusion the Samsung LN40A550 1080p LCD HDTV is one of the top televisions on the market for its size and capabilities. This high definition television comes highly recommended from me and other top product reviewers.

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When looking for a 52-inch LCD 1080p HD-ready television, the choice comes down to two: Samsung’s 650 and 750. While both are exceptional HDTV sets. The 650 offers some features for the space-limited consumer. Measuring in at 50.2 inches wide, the 650 accommodates tight spaces (whereas the 750 measures 52 inches wide). Also, the 650 has a swivel base which makes it easier to connect cables in the back and for viewing in a tight, enclosed cabinet space.

As far as the picture is concerned, the clarity and color of the 650 is exceptional. The blacks are true and the reds and greens crisp. This is a TV that offers a cinematic viewing pleasure with every movie, sporting event, or show you want to watch.

Reflectivity is often a concern for consumers. If your television is going to be placed in a room with direct sunlight or any form of bright lighting, you want to make sure that your TV doesn’t reflect that light back, otherwise it will be difficult to view during the hours in which that sunlight is directly on it. The LN52A650 conquers light reflectivity exceptionally well. When off, the screen reflects about 20 percent of the light that a standard glass-front set would and when on, that number is less than 5 percent. This means you get wonderful viewing pleasure at any time, day or night.

When you watch HD cable channels, you will be amazed at the clarity and color of the picture. You’ll soon want every one of your TVs to match Samsung’s incredible quality.

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