RFG237AARS Samsung Refrigerator Review and Price Comparison

The RFG237AARS Samsung Counter Depth Refrigerators has enhanced features and technologies, this Samsung Refrigerator has 22.5 Cu. Ft. of space and is a Counter-Depth, Bottom Mount Refrigerator. Its model number is RFG237AARS and has been specifically designed to give you better storage capabilities not to mention it’s a beautiful looking refrigerator.

The exterior design has a large storage capacity you will have ample room to store all of your sensitive food items, it has one of the best cooling systems on the market and your food will be professionally preserved with the new cooling system which helps to prolong taste and freshness of your fruits and vegetables.

The average price for this Samsung Bottom Mount Refrigerator is $2,450 and it can be purchased anywhere Samsung appliances are sold, both online and in retail stores there is a convenient price comparison listed on the link at the bottom of this page where you can find the absolute lowest prices available for this Samsung Refrigerator.

The fresh food section of this refrigerator is very large and has a total storage space of 15.8 cubic feet, and since it is a French-Door designed bottom mount refrigerator, you will have full-access to this section of the refrigerator. You will never have to reach around objects and squeeze into the refrigerator because the space available is more than enough to find anything you are looking for easily.

The RFG237AARS Samsung Counter-Depth Bottom Mount Refrigerator will cool your items perfectly with the NEW Twin Cooling System. This advanced cooling system utilizes separate compressors for both the refrigerator and freezer sections, which will ensure that the proper temperature is kept and that humidity levels are ideal for prolonged food shelf life. This cooling system also prevents odor transfers, which is great if you store seafood in your freezer, additionally it will use less energy because of the separate section which will in turn save you on power costs.

The RFG237AARS also has easy to clean shelves and is very low maintenance and overall this refrigerator scores high and receives 4 out of 5 stars. For a complete price comparison and where you can purchase the RFG237AARS Samsung Refrigerator for the lowest price Click Here.

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