Review of Samsung LN55B650 LCD TV

If you want to play latest games on your gaming console (Xbox 360 or PS3) then you need to get right equipment to maximize the joy. You will want a good atmosphere, you will want good sound quality and of course, you will want new Samsung LN55B650-T1F LCD TV.

Looking at official feature sheet, we see that the 55 inch LCD Samsung LN55B650-T1F LCD TV comes with a high 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, DLNA technology support, Anynet+ support, Energy Star compliance, very good 4ms response time, 178-degree of viewing angles, and a pair of speakers with 15W power.

One of the good things about this LCD TV is you probably won’t have any trouble with finding the right jack for your different devices, Samsung planned all various situations. Other than standard features like HDMI, new Samsung LN55B650 has Internet@TV with widget technologies, a USB 2.0 with movie player supporter, a content library with embedded entertainment and enhanced Medi@2.0 full connectivity suite.

It’s surprisingly good to see that Samsung used company’s trademark “Touch of Color” design on this model too, customers sure like this design a lot. Looking from far seems like a regular glossy piano black HDTV chassis, but when looking closer a rose red color blended in the bezel seems amazing. The rose red color is more obvious when taking a picture with flash.

As expected video quality is brilliant, especially brightness is amazing. Experience the pleasure of watching cinema, game, sports, briefly all kind of television programs with the ultimate display quality and with high brightness. Samsung LN55B650-T1F LCD TV’s display panel has 500 candelas over one meter square. Candela is a term relevant to light, it means luminous intensity. To be exact, candela is the unit used when explaining intensity of luminous. One candela is the same as one lumen per steradian. It effects glossiness and brightness of the display.

Also, with a high 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio Samsung LN55B650-T1F LCD TV offers you one of the most real and deepest black and pure white you can ever see on a HDTV. Contrast is a ratio between most black and exact white that the TV can produce. You can imagine that, colors formed are all between black and white colors. With higher contrast ratio the television produces much more vivid and real colors.

About the motion of action scenes on the screen, it is really fluid and clear, I didn’t notice any effective judder or motion blur. The vibrant screen display pleases customers, Samsung claimed they never got any negative feedback about LN55B650 LCD TV’s screen panel. Although the integrated media player doesn’t support every kind of file formats, still I find it quite useful. The enhanced online capabilities of this LCD TV are very good, too. Well, the price may be a little bit high, but if the quality is what you want, Samsung welcomes you with open arms.


-Amazing picture quality all around
-Integrated useful USB based media player
-For general usage four HDMI inputs in total
-120Hz Auto Motion Plus technology
-Stunning design suitable for any room decor


-Sound quality could be better
-Media player file format support is limited
-Picture in Picture feature needs enhancement

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