Optoma BE Sport3 Review: Bluetooth earbuds for cheap audiophiles

As a general rule, sports headphones kind of suck. Sweat-proofing and secure fit for some reason seem to equate with bloated bass and a lack of clarity. That, or you have to spend a couple hundred bucks to get decent audio.

Thankfully the Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 (geez, what a mouthful) don’t fit into this mold.

You might not be familiar with NuForce – a sub brand of Optoma, a company best known for its projectors – but they have a small following in headphone forums for providing solid audio quality at reasonable prices, and the company’s recent wireless BE6i were met to solid reviews.

I’ve had the chance to run around with the BE Sport3 (obviously aimed at, you know, sports) for a few weeks now, and though they’re not the most feature-rich headphones in the world, they deliver impressive performance at their $79 price tag.


  • 10 hour battery life
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • 6 mm dynamic drivers
  • Up to 10 m range
  • Siri and Google Now integration
  • IP55 rating for rain, sweat and dust resistance
  • AptX and AAC compatibility

Hardware and design

There are multiple tip sizes included. The double-flanged SpinFit tips (which twist around for a better fit) provided the best balance of comfort, sound and stability. I didn’t need the included stabilizing ear guides during my workouts (strength training, and sprints) but your mileage may vary. They provide some of the best isolation I’ve heard too, despite not having any special noise-cancelling circuitry.

The headphones are of the necklace variety – my personal favorite type of Bluetooth headphone – with a thin flat cable and just a three button remote. The metal housings are also magnetic, which is a nice touch for keeping the headphones from tangling in a bag.

Those metal housings also provide solid isolation. You don’t need an active noise cancelling system here; with the right pair of tips, these are among the best isolation headphones I’ve used.

The batteries are housed in the earbuds themselves, which makes them a little larger than average. They might look a little odd if you have small ears – and you’re not going to want to sleep with them on – but for the most part they shouldn’t be too conspicuous.

The nozzles are quite thick. Note if you have small ear canals.