Nokia Vs Samsung – a Comparative Overview

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The first ever mobile phone in the world made its appearance more than a decade ago, and it has never been the same thing for everyone from that day on to the present moment. There has never been a moment of respite for the mobile phone industry with a constantly evolving technology nudging manufacturers ahead with a vast array of possibilities. Moreover, the number of manufacturers have also increased during all these years as the pioneering members have given more than enough reasons for newer players to be inspired and join the rat race. Out of all these players, a few have managed to immortalise themselves through a string of successful products, which have created a legion of loyalists for them. Nokia and Samsung are two of such successful manufacturers who enjoy immense popularity in the market today.

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has existed in this field for a long time now, and has combined its intelligence and the emerging technology from time to time to flaunt the reputation of the leading contender that it enjoys today. The manufacturer is widely acclaimed for creating mobile phones with arguably the best technologically reflective features. With a primordial affinity towards the process of gradual up-gradation of a particular model through newer and better features, Nokia has inspired several others to follow suit. Predominantly starting out with bar shaped phones, it later took a versatile role, and created slider and clamshell phones too. Some of the most successful phones by Nokia are Nokia 5300, Nokia N73, Nokia N91, and Nokia N93.

South Korean electronics leader Samsung rushed into the mobile phone industry like a gush of strong wind, and made quite an impact amongst the phone connoisseurs. Displaying a much acclaimed expertise in making slider phones, the manufacturer has given some of the most attractive and sophisticated phones to the world. Some of the most popular phones by this manufacturer are Samsung D900, Samsung E250, Samsung U700, and Samsung X830. The manufacturer showcases some of the slimmest phones coupled with revolutionary technologies that define its infinite prowess.

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