LN46B650 Superb picture quality with many extra features

I received a Samsung model LN46B650 about a month ago and have been very pleased with the unit in general. I am connected to a DirecTV HD-DVR receiver and HD content is displayed excellent. May you have to adjust the various settings for the TV to get the best aesthetic image of the screen and the intuitive design allows you to set the remote to the TV settings on the TV very simple. TV remote has a backlight keyboard that can be enabled or disabled at will, and many buttons are very big and a tactile feel when pressed. The speakers are television service, but this group really benefit from the focus on the quality of a good home theater system.

As mentioned above, there are many options to adjust the TV picture depending on the level of ambient light and the content is displayed on the screen. You can even adjust the settings for rapid action Judd content. The colors pop very well and there are different levels of black for you. The image quality of my Nintendo Gamecube attached via RCA A / V cable is a little fuzzy, but it has improved after adjusting the sharpness on the TV. GCN with loss of quality, probably because of signal quality and stretching the image to fill the 16:9 aspect ratio, rather than the television itself.

I have lived all latency when playing my GCN in B650 model of TV. The television itself is very bright and beautiful in my room even when turned off. The solid glass stand that is included in the box is pivoted back and forth, which is a good contact. The only minor complaint I have about the unit I received is that the medium of glass (which is pre-) is one of the two small tabs bad, as if part of it had disappeared.

Not sure, but I think these chips are used as guides for connecting the control panel cabin glass. Therefore, no problem, I think. I can call Samsung to see in this short but. I am very satisfied with the overall quality of the Samsung LN46B650 and plan to buy more products from Samsung in the future!

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