[Jo Videos] Samsung Galaxy S II Tips & Tricks – Widgets

The Samsung Galaxy S II has unique features. Watch the Jo Videos to learn tips and tricks. Follow Samsung Mobile USA on Facebook:

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  1. I agree. Everyone HATES TouchWiz!
    But everyone who uses android devices only buys samsung for it's awesome specs. We can easily get rid of touchwiz on our own.

  2. @PianoScience I have the Captivate and I used Super User (One click root) and then installed the "Ryan's One Click Lag Fix" – My quadrant score went from 954 to 1993 and averages in the 1900's all the time. Check that out if you have a chance.

  3. ok. im confused, how come this one has one big button on the bottom but the one in "The way we're wired" commercial" has the 4 touch buttons on the bottom.

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