[Jo Videos] Samsung Galaxy S II Tips & Tricks – Kies Air

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15 thoughts on “[Jo Videos] Samsung Galaxy S II Tips & Tricks – Kies Air

  1. zoinks shaggy

    That's awesome! I used to be able to do that with my old Nokia 95 and it is one of the features I miss the most about that phone. Will I also be able to view the caller ID on my computer screen like I could on my Nokia? – And will I be able to answer or dial from my pc using the computer's mic and speakers?

  2. HaloHamstur

    @AnHeroDesu Yeah i read it on twitter im pissed its 17 days after sprint and i already had to wait 5 months from the original being release from europe

  3. Goingpostal1000

    I hear kies is horrible for the European guys that own this phone. Complaint after complaint on getting it to reliably connect.

  4. italiankid73

    @Goingpostal1000 You shouldn't post comments like that, becuz ppl might actually believe them. Kies air works by connected the phone to w/e wireless network your computer is connected to. At that point, the phone gives you an IP address to enter on your computer, and basically, the IP address is an address for a file on the phone; so you're just pretty much viewing a file saved on your phone..

    If your wireless is good, there wouldn't be any problem with a "connection"

  5. Goingpostal1000

    @italiankid73 Ya you go have fun with it. I have been playing with it and its constantly CRAP so far. I cant believe they didn't fix it for the new launch. Unavailable… Unavailable… Time out… Time out… Time out… Not found… Not found…

    I know how it is SUPPOSED to work but its a long way off of how it actually works.

  6. Rob Bush

    DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO SET IT UP ?? Ive Tried but it wont work on my Phone!!!?? AAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


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