[Jo Videos] Samsung Galaxy S II Tips & Tricks – Email

The Samsung Galaxy S II has unique features. Follow the Jo Videos to learn tips and tricks. Follow Samsung Mobile USA on Facebook:

15 thoughts on “[Jo Videos] Samsung Galaxy S II Tips & Tricks – Email

  1. Nexus Prime is being made by Samsung. I'll pass on both. Samsung needs to prove they support their customers and they can update a phone properly before get one.

  2. I can't wait for this thing to be sold in the U.S. If it comes out next week as the rumors say, then this will be my first smartphone hands down

  3. Why does Samsung USA post a video showing the international version of the phone with the physical home button and all pics found for the AT&T version have the traditional Android buttons….?? I REALLY wanted the home button coming from an iPhone…

  4. None of these video's are very helpful,,,,,thanks , but no thanks
    Already have the phone, but after watching all of these, I still have allot of questions …4 example- how do you get speaker (voice comand) for the phone? 

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