[Jo Videos] Samsung Galaxy S II Tips & Tricks – Edit Home Videos

The Samsung Galaxy S II has unique features. Follow the Jo Videos to learn tips and tricks. Follow Samsung Mobile USA on Facebook:

11 thoughts on “[Jo Videos] Samsung Galaxy S II Tips & Tricks – Edit Home Videos

  1. ProteanView

    Sammie waits so long to release GS2 in USA, that it's only $99 at Walmart. A high-end phone needs to be a bit pricey so higher-end buyers will feel exclusive. The Galaxy Nexus is coming out real soon, so Sammie has to down-price the GS2 so that the Nexus isn't $450 & can compete w/ iPhone price-wise. By releasing the GS2 & Nexus all within the same few months, Sammie won't realize the full sales potential of the GS2 as Apple will w/ iPhone. Sam should've been selling them all summer in USA. 

  2. gmax876

    The edited video seems to have a little judder in it, does the video smooth out once its complete or is it just me?

  3. michelle porter

    What app is he using? I have the t-mobile galaxy sII and I don't see it in my stock apps and when I search the market for "video maker" I just see slide show makers

  4. HaloHamstur

    No it does not this video is about the Galaxy S II not the Galaxy S II Skyrocket I have the Galaxy S II and it does have a video editor.


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