It’s Time to Get Choosy: Galaxy S6 edge+ or Galaxy Note5?

There are times to be choosy. Like deciding between the beautifully designed dual-edge display on the Galaxy S6 edge+ or the enhanced S Pen and features of the Galaxy Note5. For more info on The Next Big Thing, head to:

28 thoughts on “It’s Time to Get Choosy: Galaxy S6 edge+ or Galaxy Note5?

  1. Samsung, you're taking our freedoms as open source Android users away one by one.

    No removable back? Come on man.

    Pretty soon it will be that the Galaxy line won't allow you to install things like custom launchers.
    (Like the mixtape though)

  2. Either one of these phones would be a huge upgrade to what I'm using now. My current phone is a Samsung Galaxy Light it only has 8 GB and while it does have a slot for an SD card I've never used it, so it doesn't bother me that these phones don't have a slot for one.

  3. My Note 5 is a piece of garbage: You can't replace the battery and you can't use a micro SD card with it and the battery that is welded into the thing is worthless. So much for Samsung.

  4. Apple: "If its not an iPhone. Its not an iPhone"Samsung "Its not a phone. Its a Galaxy"lol similar as hell, but I'm still getting a galaxy this will be my first flagship phone.

  5. Galaxy S6 edge+ is better cuz i have one and my mom has the note 5 it looks good the note but is not its not fast the carmra the video is much better and the screen is better then the note 5 SO for my ill pick Galaxy S6 edge+

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