Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S II – NYC Launch Event

The Samsung Galaxy S II family was introduced at the Launch Event at the Samsung Experience in NYC on August 30, 2011. Like us on Facebook at

The event showcased the Galaxy S II versions available on Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

40 thoughts on “Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S II – NYC Launch Event

  1. BlacknRedTed

    Anyword on if there is going to be a Epic 4G 2 ? If they showed it, I am slow lol. But I really want to know about it. 

  2. robyah18981

    Dammit Samsung, I told myself that the Vibrant was my last Samsung phone. And you do THIS!!! HOW THE FUCK AM I TO BE MAD AT YOU GUYS WHEN YOU RELEASE STUFF THAT I WANT!! HERE DAMMIT, JUST TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  3. naireland

    @proteanview More than likely albeit a slow upgrade just like for the original galaxy s. Although Cyanogen Mod and the others should be able to port over a solid ice cream sandwich rom

  4. Solomon's Tech

    @oerbaa you don't know what you're talking about. 1. Touchwiz improved a lot and is actually a good UI. 2. Android is committed to bring updates to phones faster. 3. Go get an iPhone or something. Android are for those who know smartphones.

  5. Jordan Kanemitsu

    by far the ugliest thing ever. why the hell would samsung usa advertise the euro/asian model that clearly worked in the united states both in calling and 3g and 4g networks. my main annoyed question is: are you guys even GOING to release that euro/asian model working for the united states? because if you aren't, why even try rehash something that is already successful into something that looks like complete crap? for a phone, .2 inches of a screen and .3 ghz of a processor doesn't even matter.

  6. Sarthak Chawla

    Everybody please copy this comment and post on every Samsung video:

    "Samsung go F yourself for ruining ICS with your ugly touchwiz. Either give us pure ICS or update touchwiz to make it look better!!!"

  7. Screaming-Muffin

    make yourself useful and read XDA for pure ICS -,- go buy that fruit phone if you want best from EOM . . its samsung is nice for opening the source code of ICS so that the developer can develop bugless rom for your phone -,- dont get android if you dont know how to use it

  8. Sarthak Chawla

    wow dude stfu.I have JB on my phone installed from XDA. I had to do that cos Sammys ICS rom sucked so much that my phone start getting turned off randomly after installing. And now my warranty is void. Why the fuck should we go around searching for ROM's? Its our right as consumers to expect a stable good looking rom from the company itself when we are paying so much. Fanboys jeez

  9. Screaming-Muffin

    man here is a reference for you:
    neatROM LPY paired with dorimanx kernel 5.84

    yea i agreee on that, sammy's ICS is suck, thats why i am using stock modified rom, beacuse i need more speed and stability, i personally wont install JB right now, beacuse its still buggy :P

  10. Worm Bait

    i had the chance to play around with this beast and shit….. you gata love it, if your looking for a great 1st smartphone to start of with, i would recommend it, if you want to get more fancy get the s3 and if your a complete fucking retard, get the s4 which offers almost no change from the s3 and costs 200 bucks more.

  11. Zoro

    I had an iPhone 4S which broke , so decided to get a used not price phone, got this phone and never going back to iPhone again, this came out before the 4s and yet it is still better than the iPhone 5 IMO, galaxy is the best

  12. Mark Iannelli

    Good thing the S6 is on Verizon, because it wouldn't be fair to restrict Verizon users to the last-gen Fascinate and the iPhone 4s.


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