“Hey Monday” Band Impressions on the Samsung Galaxy S

The band “Hey Monday” checks out the Samsung Galaxy S portfolio of smart phones.

22 thoughts on ““Hey Monday” Band Impressions on the Samsung Galaxy S

  1. Tin a

    HOT phone ! 😀 I want it ! SWIPE is kinda hard to use at first & may be slower than the iPhone keyboard… 

  2. emman castro

    i was deciding if i would get a galaxy s phone…

    i was watching hey monday vids here on youtube and stumbled to this.. is this a sign..

    im still scared to buy this phone because im not happy about samsungs updates and customer support..
    just one more sign and ill definitely buy one.

  3. andreyofdoom

    @ErisRivera5 Could you elaborate why not? I was looking into getting one of Samsung's phones and if it's really that bad then that would be good to know.

  4. David Heath

    7 months later still no update to 2.2 for the Epic. They have seem to have abandoned the people that bought into the Hype. They dont care because they got my money already. Like an idiot I bought 2. Biggest mistake was trading in an EVO for the slide out keyboard.

  5. Sami Divleli

    @warphace well you are a douchbag yourself if you still dont have a froyo installed on your SGS. 


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