Hannibal Buress — Samsung Pay is Here

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Hannibal Buress + Samsung Pay + Katz’s Deli pastrami sandwich = hot take on an old classic.

23 thoughts on “Hannibal Buress — Samsung Pay is Here

  1. Chad Chappelle

    This is fuckin stupid, You pulled out your phone? Pull out your money or card Lazy ass. We need a cure to cancer, not another fucking phone app, that u would have to open load and set up each time. Cure homelessness first.

  2. Krohh

    The attitude the first cashier gives is amazing, the type that totally would make a new customer want to come back, I'm being extremely sarcastic if no one has noticed yet.

  3. IAmHappilyBlue

    I don't think this is real because he didn't get a ticket like they give you at Katz's. He's paying for food when he gets it like at a normal establishment.

  4. Steve w

    lets break it down, 2016 MBA mid 30s Asian marketing executive style:

    So we've got the smooth walking black man enter the deli, you know hes cool because of how he walks and talks, he knows whats up. Sloppy Italian boss man has got to be there to tell him 'no you cant do that' – just to build tension. Im so excited already. He looks at the camera but is told not to look at the camera, because we really need people to believe this is completely candid & impromptu, no second takes everyone is ready for this. Skinny girl who i guess was in line sort of heard what was going on and of course has to react with a 'oh you need some ice for that burn' type of face. She has to be completely reactive, but not too much so that she says anything. She saw the whole thing go down but wasn't involved enough so just a facial reaction will work. Who is she looking at? we don't know, she just makes faces all the time for no particular reason. She also doesn't notice the cameras, only the Italian boss sees them. Oh and one more thing…Make sure you got some cocky, Brooklyn born bosses son type person behind the counter show up just to say 'ohhhhhhh!' in a arrogant spectator type way, he needs to be really animated too we need some arm waving action, pointing ect because this is new york people gotta be all like, 'hey! oh! Im walkin' here!'

    and thats it! go make a commercial, we know people better than anyone with our MBAs and three figure salaries, we know just whats up on the streets this commercial is gonna be spot on.

  5. Rafael Trivino

    They make it look like the main fat guy was defeated by the fat customer. Please bring back rotery phones so I can beat them with it.

  6. Jared Wicks

    Haha what a lie, they dont take cards and if they did they dont take them at the food counter. What a way to show off technology at the one place they dont actually take it. Were you hoping no one who watched this video actual ate there?

  7. Deathbyillusion

    I love Samsung pay but the claims aren't specifically accurate because there is certain places that this won't be accepted even though they have a card reader that slides cards through it. There is some readers that have a security implementation in the reader where a card actually has to slide through the reader because there is a switch that activates once the card is slid through so if you try to use Samsung pay and the switch does not get activated and it won't charge and it's basically the POS systems that are hooked to the cash register on the side where the touch screen is. This sucks if you just have Samsung pay with you and not your actual cards because then you're basically screwed. I have had this happen at a restaurant before.

  8. paraescucharrap

    Hannibal Buress is awesome. He loves talking about how he sold out making comercials and he does not apologize for it haha

  9. mata matosa

    hannibal bursis wtf is this name ..maybe this fool is one of the stupid negros who thinks Carthage were black civilization lol


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