Google promotes Google Apps to monitor employee Internet usage

Google news:

Nov. 5, according to foreign media reports, Google recently launched for the IT managers a wider range of coverage of Internet monitoring tools, employees can be used to analyze network usage.

According to foreign media reports, Google Apps analysis tools Google Analytics for managers to provide some data and images through these data and image, managers can control employee access Google Docs and Google Sites frequency, and continuing each visit time.

Google says Google Analytics can enterprises to determine whether the staff grasped Gongsi the latest policies, for example, learned that employees find the tool by a particular site’s proficiency level how.

Google Apps engineers Nikekubo (Nick Cooper), wrote in a blog, the information needs of managers can be refined to split one hour, day, week, month, or user location and browser type of the specific content then add to analyze.

Google Analytics tool launched to help businesses learn the original intention of the external web site traffic situation in order to improve enterprise initiative in the market. But now, Google plans to let companies monitor employees through this tool for business decision-making response.

Google said, Google App’s Premium and Education Manager can connect to the analysis tool Google Analytics, then Google Apps administrative control panel to report results.

According to an insider in his personal blog, Google has declared to be adopted by researchers from all network access to a wide range of information sources to expand the Google Visualization API functions.

Google Visualization API is designed to facilitate R & D on top of the Google Spreadsheet application software installed, but at present the application software can be installed to any database and spreadsheets on the.

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