Give the Gift of Galaxy

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Bow it. Tape it. Box it. No matter how you wrap it this holiday season, Give the Gift of Galaxy.

40 thoughts on “Give the Gift of Galaxy

  1. Enlightenment

    Samsung cornered the market with the highly practicable galaxy s5 and had apple by the balls in sales. Then they decided to suck apples dick with the galaxy s6 and ruined they're company sales by over 70% while apple gained over 70% in sales. Oh and Samsung executives are retarded and will listen to any consumer report that they pay for even though they only contracted two companies one of which was paid by apple to support a more glass design which royally fucked what made Samsung unique which was long lasting interchangeable parts that also managed to be waterproof and have open source software. Now its more a uni-body than ever and its not water proof? DA FAQ??? Not only did the s6 ruin Samsung sales but Samsung also managed to create and ruin the BEST DESIGNED SMARTWATCH I HAVE EVER SEEN, THE GEAR S2. Why does the gear 1 run android wear but the gear S2 runs tizen? This is bad because because to make new apps for a new platform such as tizen you need good business which samsung ruined with the s6. so why does Samsung stick to tizen when theyre sales are fucked now? Are they trying to self destruct? first makes the best phone with a shitty watch, then they make a great watch with a shitty phone. WHY DOESNT SAMSUNG JUST PUT ANDROID WEAR OF THE FUCKING GEAR S2??? THEY ALREADY FUCKED THIS YEARS PHONE WHY THE WATCH TOO. SAMSUNG WAS KNOWN FOOR ITERCHANGABLE PARTS, DURABILITY, AND OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE. THEY GOT RID OF ALL OF THIS BY MAKING A WATCH THAT ONLT WORKS WITH CERTAIN PHONES AND HAS NEXT TO NO USEFUL APPS WHEN THE COMPANY SALES ARE ALREADY TANKING. YOUR NOT APPLE SAMSUNG MEANING EVERYTHING YOU DO IS BASED OFF OF GOOGLE. ACCEPT GOOGLE SAMSUNG YOU SELFISH APPLE WANA-BEs. Google already owns android, Know what your consumers want ya fat cat bastards. What ya gana do next put tizen on all SAMSUNG PHONES?!?!


  2. markallenwils

    So mad that Samsung Gear VR is basically sold out everywhere, I ordered it from Samsung's website but there sold out there too! It was going to be an awesome birthday present for me but now I'm going to have to wait a hell of a lot longer.

  3. Esther Danquah

    This is the best commercial ever but I'm with Nathaniel Aiken you should put the name of songs cause some songs are catchy

  4. D̸у̨́l͞a̢и́͟ B̸͜ґ̸a̷ц̀̕͞п̧́

    song I heard someone playing this and this is the only place I could find it what is it called

  5. Lukasino O.

    I still remember last time on christams i gave my mom 1×1 meter big box and another box inside it and than another and yet antoher. She was like: "Wow, what could be in such a big box?!" And than she got to teeny tiny Samsung Galaxy S5 box 😀 (It was the newest phone ATM)


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