Gear VR Demonstration

Watch this instructional video to see how the Galaxy Note 4 and Oculus™ power an amazing virtual reality experience. Gear VR Innovator Edition features incredibly responsive head tracking, a side-mounted touchpad, and a full 360° field of view. It truly has to be experienced to be believed. Learn more at

32 thoughts on “Gear VR Demonstration

  1. You guys should try to give out to people who really enjoys the features of your products but can't afford them like me 🙂 if you have made up your mind in doing that here is my contact info for whatsapp because mic isn't working to call me its Samsung Galaxy Siii mini here my contact info 592-687-0051 I from Guyana-thank you.

  2. You can get a IBLUE VR headset off ebay for $12 delivered… Not as good as samsung but does the job for cheap…

  3. are the lenses in the consumer version and that VR the same? like, size?
    because i tried to put the note 4 on the consumer version gear VR(i trimmed the 4 edges to fit the note 4) it worked but the pixels are so huge..its my 1st VR experience..its fun but not like what i expected..

  4. I have a Samsung galaxy s7 I baught this month and my friend had previously got one of the vr gears. So i got to test it out its absolutely amazing a would prefer this to anyone!
    cant wait to save up for my own! even though its going to take me forever considering I just got the galaxy.
    I would love to have one. :)

  5. I know the way can help you RUN any Cardboard app on Samsung Gear VR. I will share it for you. You need go to Google Play and search a tool "Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR", it will help you can do it with simple CLICK. all we need to play Cardboard apps and Games

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