Galaxy Tab S – Hands-On

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We asked people on the streets of New York City to take the Galaxy Tab S for a test drive. Check out what they had to say. Learn more about the Galaxy Tab S at

26 thoughts on “Galaxy Tab S – Hands-On

  1. Phoach

    Fuck you Samsung your phones are pieces of shit and you are fucking Faggs Apple is better than you and you know that. that's the only reason you're making fun of Apple because because you're threatened by them and jealous of their success so fuck off and get a life and just for those people who are reading this comment Apple came up with most of these things before Samsung. They were on the forms go to Apple's forms to find out for yourself Samsung loves to lie to your face and bullshit the whole world because most people are fucking stupid and listen to anything that anybody says don't get me wrong I'm not attacking android because the HTC's are awesome I'm just fucking pissed with Samsung because their shit just remember this if you see a company make fun of another company the one making fun of them is the one that is weaker because they know they suck and The only way to make them feel better is to put a better company down just like a fucking bitch

  2. Roberto Quesada

    I wonder why Samsung edited out 99.9% of all the people saying iPad, iPad, iPad, iPad Air, and left the 00.1% of people who chose Samsung. Wow. Samsung we know editing exist.

  3. TheHarshShow

    Hahaha lol. Nice try samsung. 99% of the peeps said- ipad and they were edited out. Goddammit i am one of them, dickshits!

  4. Leon Guzman

    Tengo el Samsung galaxia #5
    Es un amor de la Samsung
    Es como conducir un todo terreno
    En un mundo de rapidez y eficacia.
    Te lo recomiendo, es 5 estrellas. 

  5. Young World

    I think samsung should really stop focusing on apple products so much. IOS and Android are 2 completely different things. If you want to beat apple then aim for android users. Theres alot more people using android then anything eles.

  6. Andrew Jamrozik

    The guy at 0:57 is holding a camera strap in the same hand as the Galaxy Tab. Either he has a particularly keen sense of weight, or he's an idiot. Or maybe Samsung thinks consumers are idiots. 

  7. Daniel Ely

    My dad has an iPad and I have a Samsung tablet and I can REALLY tell my tablet has more pixels then the ipad

  8. Thisath Ranawaka

    Pathetic? C'mon. Id agree that Samsung has the better specs, bigger screen, better PPI and all that, but better looks?? I mean, look at it. If Apple put those SAME specs in their iPad, with the same pricing, do you think people would go for the Samsung? The new iPad has that Awesome 'WOW' factor, with that gorgeous metal body and designing. Sure, right now, I'd go for the Samsung, but if Apple reduced the pricing and increased the overall PPI, I'd DEFINITELY go for the iPad. Oh, and I'm an Android Fan speaking here.  

  9. AlexDaGamer - COD & More

    Samsung does this stuff all the time. See they think their better than Apple because they make "Original work" when they just copy iPhone features. Why can't they at least be like microsoft where for christmas Microsoft sang to apple at their apple store in new york. Apple is an way better company because they actually show features about their phones instead of bashing others and talking about the weight and screen. This video is totally fake more people said the iPad air was better. Samsung just edited it.

  10. Rodgy

    Screen is great but as far as updates are concerned Samsung is lagging behind.

    They most likely wont even update tab S to more secure android 6.Thats what puts their great hardware advantage down the drain.

    Nexus line of devices get quicker updates and for long time after release.Samsung should seriously improve on updates.
    Only great screen doesnt help,we need quicker and assured updates for a long time after the release…


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