Galaxy S7: Why?

Why can’t you have a phone that has it all? Well now you can. Introducing the water-resistant, memory expanding, shoots flawlessly in low light phone: Galaxy S7.

22 thoughts on “Galaxy S7: Why?

  1. Didnt the phone just give a guy 3rd degree burns on a guy's leg after exploding? Wonder what it would do to the eyes and face?

  2. Why do they not have hearts
    Why can't my Samsung S7 edge HAVE FKFKING AIRPODS LIKE THE AWESOME IPHONE 7!?!?!?!?
    Because the next phone is going to be everything imaginable. Yeah, stupid, fucktrd, money hog, stuff like that.

  3. Why can't the newer Samsung Galaxy S7 have a IR Blastor to control any TV in the world like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and older models could.
    Samsung why can't the newer Galaxies have a IR Blastor like the LG Smartphones.
    Why was the IR Blastor introduced with the Galaxy S4 and removed on every Galaxy after the S6.
    Why can't the Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Note 7 have a IR Blastor.
    Why can't you all put that feature back, I refuse to upgrade from the S6 because the IR Blastor is missing on the S7 and every newer model samsung phone.

    +Samsung Mobile USA

  4. I have the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge I've used the finger print before but know it's not working it also overheats really fast.

  5. Why cant I get the 64Gb model in Europe ? WHY ?
    Which idiot ever in the marketing department thought that it would be a great idea, please, FIRE HIM. Then give him his job back, and then FIRE HIM AGAIN!

  6. Samsung Mobile You guys always impress us. Keep up the good work. When will we get Blue Light for the note 7 into the next software?

  7. I hope the current Samsung 7 phone issue won't affect the entire company. The phone customer service department is very bad. They refused to fix my phone and even hang up my call. That made me very upset. Which department or whom I should talk to if they didn't escalate my ticket?

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