Galaxy S7: Virtual Reality Machine

El Galaxy es más que un teléfono. Es una máquina de realidad virtual, resistente al agua, con memoria expandible y carga inalámbrica rápida (se requieren accesorios que se venden por separado). Conócelo a fondo en:

30 thoughts on “Galaxy S7: Virtual Reality Machine

  1. Samsung has some real big OLED balls for not disabling the comments after the recall.

    This is another reason why I prefer Samsung over Apple. You can go to Apples Channel and all of their video comments are disabled, maybe even the likes (Iforget).

    But anyway, disabling comments shows you two things. Lack of confidence and lack of innovation.

  2. i was dessappointed with the vr,,
    you tube videos are so blurry, i tried to find a way to change the resolution but couldn't
    does anyone have solution

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