Galaxy S7: The Dark

Some of the best moments happen in the dark, so shouldn’t you have a camera that can capture them? With the Galaxy S7, you can. Learn more:

30 thoughts on “Galaxy S7: The Dark

  1. You also get knifed in the dark. You also get raped in the dark. But hey, as long as you get that Samsung S7, right?

  2. You also get killed in the dark, and robbed in the dark, and scared in the dark, and blind in the dark. So?

  3. Hmmm I've only had a couple cases were I wished my iPhone took better low light pictures. But I got around it easily. For you Samsung fans, does the low light apply to the selfie cam too?

  4. Two things I love about Samsung phones are long lasting battery and good looking photos in low light situations. I never used one. Other than that I don't like anything about their products. Hopefully  will get there in a couple of years. And that's what I hate about . Years!!!!!

  5. please dont buy s7 edge

    I am getting black lines in screen, simply they saying manufacturing fault in LCD screen

  6. Its also good in the dark as it selfignites and starts to burn, which creates a dangerous, yet beautiful source of light!

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