Galaxy S7: Dreams

Dreams are awesome. And if you could experience anything in a dream just by putting a phone on your face, why wouldn’t you get that phone? The new virtual reality-powered #GalaxyS7edge, see it here:

40 thoughts on “Galaxy S7: Dreams

  1. its funny… id like the virtual reality feature…. but i like looking at the scenery when im on a trip. xD so I dont mind sitting next to the snoring guy. as long as i get the window seat xD

  2. 과연 우리 생애 내(~ 2070) 에 오큘러스와 같은 HMD VR을 뛰어넘어 완전몰입형 가상현실(Full Immersion Virtual Reallity) 이 가능해질까요?

  3. I Purchased Samsung Protection Plus as extra protection as they say you will get a replacement overnight and I did. it's been almost a month I have received my replacement. They don't even call or email I've had to call over 10 times in order to get info myself very unprofessional and thats why I'm switching back to apple next September horrible Customer Service that cost me over $200.

  4. I will never use Samsung product only good in advertisements. But of course you have to use it to prove it. I did and I go back to Apple product again.

  5. So if you could experience anything in a dream, just by putting LSD on your tongue, why wouldn't you get that hit?

  6. Are they serious? Put a phone on your face? LOLOL! No thanks! I hate being distracted in public… RL has really good graphics, and sometimes you get to see something REALLY AMAZING!

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