Galaxy S7: Champagne Shopping

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The Galaxy S7 is ready for whatever life throws at it. Including champagne & Lil Wayne. Learn more:

22 thoughts on “Galaxy S7: Champagne Shopping

  1. Corrie Bolton

    Warning: My 3 month old s7 had water damage(from about 50cm into the pool) and Ive sent it in over a month ago. I took it to saturn, removed it from its cover and showed the Service rep how the phone was still brand new, in supposedly in mint condition. First samsung sends it back to Saturn (the seller) claiming i must have taken the simcard out and let water in…. Wtf? Then saturn sends it in again. 2 weeks later they send saturn images with dents around the phone exclaiming it cant be fixed due to how it looks.. The same rep then wrote to Samsung that theyre just making excuses not to fix the phone. And he attestet that the phone went in scratch free. I then threatened to bring in a lawyer. A few days later Samsung finally responds that they can't find the reason the phone had recieved water damage, except that now, the phone is only covered under the guarantee when it was in clear water( no salt water, no soap water, no liquid but water- makes this ad quite hypocritic)therefore they have to void the warrantee… and that it jas nothing to do with the scratches. after having a rep speak with them, they explained that I must have dropped my phone, and therefore it is not water resistant.

  2. .

    0:16 hes pouring a bottle of champange 0:18 he buys that bottle 0:22 he takes the bottle he bought and opens it up though he already used it and opened it up! illuminati confirmed!

  3. garyhowiePhotography

    Do you guys have to do this all day to keep them from catching on fire? Or is that just the Note 7 owners?


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