Galaxy S III – S Voice Personal Assistant

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23 thoughts on “Galaxy S III – S Voice Personal Assistant

  1. Keith Tan

    Screw this even more. It's slow, inaccurate, and just garbage. Siri does everything S-Voice does, but way way better. I can't believe they added this garbage in their product. It's a shame.

  2. williamwzl

    S Voice sucks. I accidentally turn it on too much. Make double click of the home button turn on task manager instead, no one fucking uses S Voice anyways. It makes you look like a retard trying to talk to your phone like it's a person.

  3. IsaaxTeddy

    nope you dumbass, samsung galaxy s2 already have the same feature called voice control, albeit less "human nature"

  4. Whiskey Jack

    It is kind of comical, being that I own this phone currently. It was given to me from my mother-in-law because of issues she was having wiht the phone and texting. I did a system fix through my pc, erasing all the data minus the numbers. I do not even know what I can do with this phone, but I know that it takes clear photo and video. has decent volume and audio, and from what I have used has some really cool features for a phone. 

  5. Jennifer Gardner

    The phone has horrible reception through T-Mobile. It shows 4 bars but phone keeps cutting In and out.
    Very Frustrating!!!
    On a Positive note I LOVE the CAMERA and videos it takes.
    Hopefully when I move Family mobile will DO BETTER. Hopefully.

  6. Nancy Sager

    I have this phone thru Boost Mobil and I love it. Clear sound, beautiful screen, quick, reception is perfect in my area (Seattle WA area).


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