Galaxy S 6 Features — Fast Charging

The Galaxy S 6 is available now.

Got about ten minutes to charge? Then you’ve got yourself up to four hours of use. Yep, that’s not a typo. Learn about all the ways The Next Big Thing keeps you moving forward here:

7 thoughts on “Galaxy S 6 Features — Fast Charging

  1. You should do a giveaway and to be honest I never saw a giveaway about the person that made the phone like apple the person who made it or help make it, never did a giveaway but you should do it plz 

  2. 4 hours of what… standby time?
    i like samsung but they need to stop saying that. it's really false advertising.

  3. Hope the battery will be stellar in the S7. My Note 4 was just stolen and I have to suffer with some Galaxy Grand whatever for months lmao

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