Galaxy S 6 Features — Edge Lighting

The Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 edge are available now.

With The Next Big Thing, you can see who’s calling – even if your phone is facedown. Get to know Edge Lighting and more features:

13 thoughts on “Galaxy S 6 Features — Edge Lighting

  1. What is this?  Actual innovation?  As an Apple user,  I didn't know innovation still existed with phones.  I think I will be switching.

  2. Watch now as Apple will copy every feature of the edge and claim it as it's own.

    I love Samsung because they actually think of innovation.

  3. Any way to trigger edge lighting other than from calls? Because I'm a busy person, most people know not to call me. I'd like to use this feature with notifications or messages. Is the functionality I'm describing already a feature?

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