Galaxy S 6 Features — Edge Information Stream

The Galaxy S 6 edge is available now.

Notifications, news, Tweets, stocks, scores and more. With Information stream, you can set what you want to see – and it’s always just a swipe away. See what else the edge display can do:

7 thoughts on “Galaxy S 6 Features — Edge Information Stream

  1. uses same coding from s5
    decided to make horizontal ui with limited option in limited view
    calls it next Gen Samsung galaxy 6
    Very funny samsung.
    The marketing business is becoming more sad.

  2. Moto engineers – "Lets use the whole display to show some notifications."
    Samsung engineers – "Screw it, let's use the edge."

  3. Can you customize exactly what you can display on the Edge? This would be an ideal feature and would make a lot of sense.

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