Galaxy S 6 edge How-To: S Voice

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Changing plans at the last minute can be tricky, especially with frosting on your hands, but with S Voice on the Galaxy S 6 edge you can call for backup so everything is sweet in the end. Learn all about the Galaxy S 6 edge by visiting

33 thoughts on “Galaxy S 6 edge How-To: S Voice

  1. Hassan Waris

    being a samsung galaxy user for so many years, s voice is the worst thing ever, i prefer using google now, and think siri is way better than s voice

  2. Random Poster

    Am I the only one that kinda found it funny that the whole reason HOTTIE use s voice was because her hands were dirty but then she just wipe her hand to show us how to set it up when she could have done that to begin with!!!

  3. Random Poster

    I don't know if its but me or not but I find this ad very funny. I understand that the point is to off the feature of the S voice but they do it in the ad is kinda stupid. So this very very HOTT girl is baking and then gets a txt message. Realizing that her hands are dirty uses S voice to replay back. Then tell the audience I'll show you how to set it up by first cleaning her hands. Why didn't she just clean her hands and send the txt the normal way?

  4. M. V.

    I'm a die-hard Samsung fan.. I used to be a Apple fan and love my iPhone but ever since I switched over to Samsung (starting with the S3 then S4, S5 and now S6 edge) I couldn't be more happier. Everything is sooo much better with Android and Samsung. Switching from Apple to Samsung is one of the best decisions I ever made. Now this brings me to why I'm writing this in the first place. I LOVE my phones AND my new Gear S2 watch but I have to admit S-Voice is literally THEE WORST voice assistant ever made and I can't believe that Samsung hasn't scrapped it and remade it from scratch… Aside from it sounding terrible (especially on the watch) it can't even do simple everyday tasks and that's a shame. They make a gorgeous, perfect phone and smartwatch then ruin it by putting on a voice assistant that is so "2002"…. I will admit that Siri for the iPhone is pretty great and it painstakes me to say that but it's true… Even Google Now is great.. So how could Samsung not make it 100 times better then what it currently is?? Samsung REALLY NEEDS TO go back to the drawing board and make a new S-Voice from scratch completely doing it over then what it currently is because this is the 1 MAJOR drawback about their products…. and it's something so simple so why not remake it 100 times better?!?? I hope they are reading this comment because S-Voice is really bad and it's a huge drawback…. ESPECIALLY for the GEAR S2 smartwatch… It can't even do a simple math problem let alone anything else…

  5. Beastly G

    I love how it's been able to do this for years, and the iTards just got the functionality late last year and now they think it's an iPhone function. Too funny.

  6. Kristoffer Kjellin

    S Voice is basically the same fucking thing as Siri and Google Voice, I noticed no difference. I don't know wtf people are complaining about


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