Galaxy S 6 edge How-To: Quick Reply

Being a boss means you know how to handle every call the right way. Sunbathing is serious business so make sure to act quickly with the Galaxy S 6 edge and Quick Reply so no valuable time is wasted. Learn all about the Galaxy S 6 edge by visiting

21 thoughts on “Galaxy S 6 edge How-To: Quick Reply

  1. Quick reply did really help me in my daily usage of my GS6 Edge, but the feature has been relentlessly transformed people being boastful. But, it doesn't really matter. It just depends on the usage. 

  2. Another reason samsung phones are better than apple BUT you can't prove that to a brainwashed apple fanatic. 

  3. how u know that is your sister when the phone is face down? yes, people edge may show color, but how about others who are not in top5 list

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