Galaxy S 6 edge How-To: People Edge

Answering phone calls on a date is risky business, but with the Galaxy S 6 edge and People Edge you’ll know who’s calling so you can play it right every time. Learn all about the Galaxy S 6 edge by visiting

36 thoughts on “Galaxy S 6 edge How-To: People Edge

  1. I have heard people say Samsung just adds useless things that no one will ever use, and usually I disagree because I like some of the stuff they do, but this is truly useless.

    If your phone is in your pocket this is immediately obsolete.
    If your phone is facing up, this is immediately obsolete.
    If you are not in the same room as the phone, it is immediately obsolete.

    Now let's say that your phone is facing down on the table in front of you like in the video. With any other phone you could add a special ringtone or vibration to different people.
    You could also just pick up the phone….because that is an option as well.

  2. Who the fcuk puts their phone up side down? I hate this gay commercial, I'm a s6 edge user platinum gold rocks 

  3. Did he seem weird that he just started talking to somebody else about the person he supposed to be on a date with? I don't know if it's me or not but if I'm sitting there and someone talking about me to another person whether it's good or bad it would seemed kind of weird

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