Galaxy S 5 — Focus Features

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The Galaxy S 5 is equipped with Phase Detection Auto Focus, a technology usually found in DSLR cameras. This feature helps you capture photos with amazing clarity and detail, and Selective Focus lets you choose your focus and depth of field even after the picture is taken. For more info on all of the Galaxy S 5’s camera features, check out:

25 thoughts on “Galaxy S 5 — Focus Features

  1. jozo šaravanja

    start taking pictures like a pro with samsung galaxy s5 hahahahahahha thats good joke wtf nobody is pro with smartphone even if you have lumia 1020.

  2. rachetandclank3

    "Processing…"? This is… faster? Rather than burst shot in iPhone 5s? Where I just hold the button and take 30 photos per second in full res? Guess not…

  3. Gothicskull101

    Why increase megapixels when you take 4 quick shots and merge them like iPhone. Lumia needs work, but too bad the camera guy just joined apple from them, but you guys, you need help.

  4. fidelr599

    the settin feature disapere from my gs5 i dont understan such of brand new phone and so defective already .i shoul have got me a lg g2 instead..

  5. Jim Engström

    Like a pro? I do not think a pro would call a software blur for focus, what this camera does is to blur part of images that it think is in different distances, it do not change focus and some time do it looks very ugly where it not can find a good line between objects far and near. I can say that this function is cool but not useful and you can download Google Camera to test a similar function. 

  6. легитимный президент

    короче очередное фуфло от ускоглазых пидаров


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