Galaxy S 4—Haunted TV

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Lo que viene llegó a cambiar la forma en que ves la televisión. WatchON en el nuevo Galaxy S 4 te deja controlar tu TV, además de sugerirte programas basado en lo que normalmente ves, y más. Descubre todo lo que puedes hacer con WatchON y todas las características innovadoras que trae consigo el Galaxy S 4 en:

35 thoughts on “Galaxy S 4—Haunted TV

  1. Suryawan Pranata Kurniawan

    you wrong ,even other product s4 can control(sony ,lg, sharp,etc) beside you can control tv you also can control your dvd,bluray,projector,set top box ,and etc

  2. e2save mobiles

    At least if your partner starts to hoard the remote, you still have control over what you watch.

  3. NoChannelHere

    No man, just buy an S4 and you'll come to know how many hundreds of Brands of different devices can be controlled by it. 

  4. Edg Latvia (creationdefense)

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