Galaxy S 4 — Drama Shot

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Like Jack, it’s time you ditched your training wheels. See why the Galaxy S 4’s full HD 13 MP camera with Drama Shot is better at capturing those big life moments:

26 thoughts on “Galaxy S 4 — Drama Shot

  1. ruzzell907

    Samsung galaxy s4 13MP Camera okay"
    iPhone 5S 8MP Camera okay "
    Sony Xperia Z1/Z2 20.1 MP Camera not bad "
    Nokia Lumia 1520 41MP Camera Hmmm " 

  2. thesuperboss26

    If you honestly think iphone is better they brainwashed you really. I own a GS3 and iphone 5 and i really dont like the iphone

  3. Skeeter Harris

    I tried drama shots all day last summer trying to capture Dad playing golf.  After 18 holes with my S4, I threw it back in the bag and gave up frustrated.   

  4. Lo Angus

    Choosing between the S5 and S4 I will get the S4. There is no important updates or big differences between them. Considering the price, the S4 is better.

  5. Jeremy Tan

    Drama shot ? Just a gimmick…. Hardly use it on my Galaxy Note 3 . Or should I say… None at all

  6. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    Good luck explaining to Grampy & Nana that it's just a visual effect and you didn't have identical quadruplets.

  7. Gothicskull101

    If you look closely, they just edited the picture trying to be someone they are not just like features, doesn't stop there, they express their feeling comparing useless crap to the 5s like it's a big deal to be better, where was their last succession with the surpassing? In their thick headed dreams.

  8. travis abram

    Apples iPhones are crap. They are for simple people,wannabe rich snobs, people with small hands, or people who are technological ignorant. Why people like to buy small rectangle phones that only variate in size and design once every two years and have a locked down operating system that is as boring and bland as it was in 2007 when the iPhone launched is beyond me. On top of that they're the smallest flagship phones out and have the lowest ppi of all the new flagships and even most of 2013's flagship phones and last I checked….Apple was the one who started the pixel war and they're now losing it badly. On top of that, Apple tries to brainwash all their fans by major them believe the iPhone is the best phone and that Apple has invented all of the things they put in their phones, when in fact they've stolen it…And if you think I'm lying…even Steve Jobs himself admitted that Apple stole ideas from other manufacturers….so yeah. The only thing Apple has going for it, is it's camera, and premium build quality….that's it and to be fair HTC One's build quality is far superior…And it's Ultra Pixel camera (provided you got one that wasn't affected by the purple flare that was part of the first batch) then you'd have a pretty damn good camera. I really wish Apple fanboys(people who are obsessed with everything Apple to the point where it's sad) would open their eyes and see that Apple isn't the top dog anymore….Samsung is…And I'll be honest, I hate Samsung too, but the only reason is because a premium phone should be made of premium materials…plastic isn't premium and I don't think an S4/S5 is worth the money that they are asking for it. I wish people would start following in HTC's foot step and make solid aluminum phones or mostly solid aluminum phones and work from there. People who are obsessed over the cosmetics of phones will love a sexy metal phone with flagship specs and current Android Kit Kat operating system. All I know is that I'm tired of the two top dog phone companies, trying to take cheap shots at one another…we need more choices than just Samsung,Apple,HTC, and LG but since the duopoly of Samsung and Apple put people out of business, and that's bad for all of us….less phone manufacturers means less choices..  if there are less choices, we get stuck choosing less options and it will cause companies to stop innovating because they've wiped out all competition and have no need or desire to improve upon anything. Competition is important for us and companies because it gives us more options as well as forces companies to improve their phones to try and claim the years title of best phone. So think twice before wishing bankruptcy on companies because that mindset will fuck us all over should it happen and I'd personally want to stab you if you ran everyone out of business except Apple or Samsung.

  9. carsboy14

    remind me why Samsung Said its next phone will be a 64 BIT device and is not . And Its Bigger Pixels hat make a better Imagine. Samsung has always been  trying to copy things from Apple. 

  10. Gag

    Notice how almost every single samsung ad mentions something about the iphone. It gets so boring after the first 100 times. They have no creativity in their commercials.


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