Galaxy Note 3 — Holiday Reflections

‘Tis the Season for holiday reflections. Just like the Galaxy Note® 3, devices in this video are reflecting 3D holiday images. We hope you get a chance to reflect on all your great holiday memories with family and friends this season.

44 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 3 — Holiday Reflections

  1. Great shots, love my Note, i know a bunch of people use it for just checking internet happening, but i use mines at work to make notes on different operations i need to remember 

  2. I don't have a galaxy e
    3 note,& I dislike, web browsers.I withdrew my name from E+.please respect demand. Th


  3. There is a lot to learn about this Galaxy Note 3.  Totally awesome. It is more powerful and integrated than my laptop. 

  4. Nice greeting. I love my samsung 3 tablet. I do wish the powers to be would make it compatable with Adobe flash so I can do my farmville 2 on facebook lol its a hobbie. Mayve consider a software uodate and send my way :-)

  5. Had an iPhone for years from original to 4S and then switched to Note 2…now I own a Note 3! And they are far superior to iPhone! 

  6. Thanks. Very nice video. Love my S4, and still like my Note 10.1, although would love a software update that allows me to move stuff to the external SD card. That was on my wish list, but Santa didn't give it to me :(

  7. I have an expensive 2014 edition note and can't stream videos because no flash player. Feel cheated!!!!

  8. Can someone tell me how to get this version of Chim Chim Cheree or who the artist is that created it?  Samsung just says to go to Google play. There are over 3,0000 versions.  

  9. It's such an incredible shame they don't run any Samsung commercials here in the Netherlands. These are wonderful!

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