Galaxy Life: Florence + The Machine

Watch Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine bring down the house at Samsung 837’s grand opening. Learn more about Samsung 837, where technology and culture collide:

20 thoughts on “Galaxy Life: Florence + The Machine

  1. It's funny that I've had this song as a ring tone on my Samsung Galaxy S 3 Neo and now on Samsung Galaxy S 6!! :)

  2. Stop the video at 1:21
    WHAT THE FUCK is with those people?! What in the world is more interesting on the floor than 10 feet right in front of you?!
    Are you serious?! The 8th guy in the front row looks like he was made to sit on the naughty step and couldn't care less.

  3. shouldn't you have said which song it is somewhere in the description?? just saying..!
    oh well, it's "Ship to wreck".

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