Edge-ucation – Meet Shonduras

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Welcome to Edge-ucation Season 1: Snapchat with Shonduras. In the next four episodes, your humble guide will share quick lessons on his favorite Snapchat tricks and tips. But not before a nutritious breakfast.

Episode 1 – Super Straight Snapchat Lines:
Episode 2 – 50/50 Snapchat Filters:
Episode 3 – Adding Opacity to Doodles:
Episode 4 – Long-Distance Snapchat Selfies:

8 thoughts on “Edge-ucation – Meet Shonduras

  1. Ricky Perez (The Android Guy)

    +Samsung Mobile USA Please hire back your old marketing guy or go to a different company than your with now. These are just horrible. Worst commercials you've ever done. We are talking HTC and RDJ bad here.

  2. bi g

    snapchat hated samsung
    thats abvious
    lote of people switch to iphone because the snapchat video quality way better
    fuck snapchat .. they want samsung users switch to apple
    hate them


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