Edge-ucation – Adding Opacity To Doodles

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Skateboard-Snapchat dual threat Shonduras hits the park and lets us in on another trick for his masterpieces: layering opacity on drawings. Watch and learn to see how shading with Galaxy Family devices can take you to the next level.

Meet Shonduras:
Episode 1 – Super Straight Snapchat Lines:
Episode 2 – 50/50 Snapchat Filters:
Episode 3 – Adding Opacity to Doodles:
Episode 4 – Long-Distance Snapchat Selfies:

16 thoughts on “Edge-ucation – Adding Opacity To Doodles

  1. Brasil Hobby Modelismo

    I bought Galaxy S, Galaxy S3, and now I have Galaxy S5, I really want Galaxy S6 Edge but I dont have enought money :(

  2. Mustig DD

    Shon, I have a question…why can you only do shades (transparent color on Samsung or androids? I really wish you could do it on iPhones.

  3. Samsung Mobile USA

    We can’t all skate like Shonduras. But at least we can draw like him — thanks to Edge-ucation Episode 3.

  4. Balbino Lopez

    Me gustaría que pusieran en español los videos de YouTube de las nuevas aplicaciones para el Samsung edge


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