Edge-ucation – 50/50 Snapchat Filters

Can’t decide on a Snapchat filter? No big deal – just go with both. Watch resident expert Shonduras give another one of his tricks of the trade.

Meet Shonduras:
Episode 1 – Super Straight Snapchat Lines:
Episode 2 – 50/50 Snapchat Filters:
Episode 3 – Adding Opacity to Doodles:
Episode 4 – Long-Distance Snapchat Selfies:

18 thoughts on “Edge-ucation – 50/50 Snapchat Filters

  1. Tip: activate "super sensibility mode / increase touch sensitivity" and use graphite pencil to draw. Works fine in gs5

  2. I bought Galaxy S, Galaxy S3, and now I have Galaxy S5, I really want Galaxy S6 Edge but I dont have enought money :(

  3. For his next Galaxy S 6 edge trick, Shonduras will use two Snapchat filters … at the same time. Behold:

  4. You can tell that the dogs are trained. Im guessing the trainer is in the backround because the dogs are looking up. Awesome video & phone. 

  5. so amazing, just a few days ago it was reported that the Galaxy Edge/Galaxy S6 were lagging behind the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus in sales and few days after Samsung is back with its 'attack iPhone' ads

  6. iPhone is waay better. Samsung sucks! Keep on making fun of iPhone. The AppStore is much better than play store. Samsung SUCKS! ALOT!

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