Decisions, Decisions: Galaxy S6 edge+ or Note5?

One big decision, two great choices. But you’ll have to play favorites. For more info on the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5, head to:

20 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions: Galaxy S6 edge+ or Note5?

  1. very disappointed in the edge + &note 5 . sticking with my note 4 & s6 edge. ir blaster was important to me . I do not really care about removable battery or SD card as you can always use a flash drive . the software packages are nice but seem a bit gimmicky . think I will sit this round out and wait for new products next year.

  2. why can I not get the whole selection of colors? I really wanted the emerald green galaxy s6 edge but have not seen it in any market here in the USA.

  3. Just a warning for everyone who is looking to get the note 5. I had the phone for a few days now, its amazing. A big jump from my note 4, but I put the s pen in backwards by mistake and it got stuck in the phone. I tried to pull it out and the pen broke in half and the other half is in the phone. I called samsung earlier and they basically told me, its my fault and I would have to pay all this money to get it fixed. Its their design flaw, I didnt intentionally put it in backwards, it slides in with the same consistancy. Samsung is really screwing people over with this. Hopefully they do something about it, and right their wrong. I love samsung but after this, I dont know if Im gona stay with them. Spent all this money for a Note 5 which is mainly for the spen, but cant evan use it. Do yourself a favor people, dont buy the note 5 yet.

  4. Samsung, where in the manual do you have the "do not put pen in backwards", because I didnt see anything in my manuals. My note 4 pen can go backwards and not get stuck, but the one time I put my spen backwards on my brand new phone, it gets stuck. You need to do something about this, or you will loss customers.

  5. yyyyyy why … yyyy … why … Samsung is trying to sell Samsung phones to iPhone users.

    if they think iPhone users are not bothered about SD card … they removed it.

    they saw no removes battery ..Samsung did same.

    they saw iPhone metallic body… they did same….

    but y are they doing all this to capture iPhone users. ..

    but not thinking about their current Samsung lovers….

    no SD card in s6 I did not buy s6
    .. no SD card in note 5 omfg…which is the dumbest mistake ever.

    the whole unpack was about gaming camera watching movies… spen…. music… live stream… all this will take loads of storage space.

    which idiot of Samsung suggested to remove sdcard…

    even if they expect everything on cloud..
    .always remember your local storage will be still used….

    Samsung is making the dumbest mistake ever.

  6. I would pick the note 5 because how would you find a case for the s6 edge plus? even if you were to find one, it would be damn expensive.

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