Big Decisions: Chrissy Teigen

For Chrissy Teigen, deciding between the pleasure of livestreaming her dog and the work of managing her busy social media schedule can be pretty tough, but choosing a phone first might help. For more info to help in your decision between the Galaxy S6 edge + and Galaxy Note5, head to:

42 thoughts on “Big Decisions: Chrissy Teigen

  1. Nerds are usually the reason why technology progresses, you fucking cunt. How many cocks did you blow to get the job? Oh and if any asshole at Samsung ever reads this; I'll buy whatever your competitors are selling.

  2. I detest this commercial! Is she talking with something covering her head? Because shes annoyingly quiet. Also, doggieolas? Really? -_-

  3. "Yeah, ima go with the new edge plus." You know what this means… IT MEAN THAT MAKING THE NOTE 5 WAS A WASTE! OOOOOOOOO

  4. Garbage. Just buy yourself a Sony Xperia Z flagship. Their Triluminos screens are superior, and don't suffer from burn in, or oversaturate colours like Scamsung's OLED displays.

  5. Reading these comments, I always wonder why an uploader would allow them if people can't be civil and neutral about celebrities like Chrissy who's married to John Legend???!!!

  6. Having bought a new phone today, I remembered this commercial. God, I want to smack that vapid twat. Who the hell are you and why should I be so impressed by the dumb bullshit you do on your phone? It's a shame the product of "that nerd" who has actually created something of value is being wasted on this smug cum dumpster.

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