AT&T Samsung Captivate Preview – Galaxy S Phone

The AT&T Samsung Captivate – – An Android powered device, that provides access to over 60,000 applications from the Android Market. Complete with a large 4-inch Super AMOLED display. Powered by a 1GHz Samsung processor, the Galaxy S dazzles with amazing 3D graphics, faster upload and download times, and a rich multimedia and gaming experience.

30 thoughts on “AT&T Samsung Captivate Preview – Galaxy S Phone

  1. i LOVE samsung's products.. this phone looks fantastic there's only 1 thing that is holding me back is i can't use a phone that doesn't have a qwerty keyboard. I currently have the Impression and have had it since release and works perfect for me, now i'm still not to impressed with this new android OS but if you really need alllll that extra stuff on your phone you're better off just buying a laptop…

  2. @Aperson214 july 18th. there is this thing on the internet called "google." u can type stuff in like "samsung captivate release date" and it will give u the answer. it's awesome. try it out.

  3. @AoiMitsuko ikr. the samsung epic/ samsung galaxy s on sprint is th only one with the physical qwerty keyboard. and anyways yu can just keep practicing by using yr impressions touch qwerty keyboard. i used to have the impression.. but it broke..

  4. @Vincers97 well actually in addition in what pgaeta2 said, yu still have to pay for data since it's a smartphone no matter wht, but since now yu can get the 200 mb for 15$ (or unlimited for 30$, but yu have to call for the unlimited plan) they said if yu use wifi, it will not take any data from yr 200 mb yu only have. but since yu dont wanna pay for the media net.. it would still be cheaper than the unlimited of course, aand yu can just use the 200 mb when yr not at a wifi hot spot (duhh). 

  5. why does the captivate have an ad and not the others?
    and they say at&t sucks. ;P
    and anyways at&t doesnt even suck. verizon, sprint, and t-mobile is apperantly just "better".
    at&t is better than metro pcs, alltel, cricket and all them, so wht really does suck? and so in general at&t doesn't suck, you haters! ;)

  6. @XxEmmJayxX erm what r u talkin about the imprssion does have a physical slide out keyboard o.O u totally lost me on that reply btw.. i dunno what ikr means lol i love my impression, and i like most of samsungs products 🙂 regardless of what network they are on 

  7. @AoiMitsuko yes i kno th the impression has a slide out keyboard, but yu said yu werent used to phones tht were non-slide out keyboard fones, so i was saying , if yu wanted to change to phone with no slide out like this one, i was saying yu can just practice on the impressions TOUCH keyboard..yu know wht i mean? and "ikr" means "i know right?" lmao. ;)

  8. @XxEmmJayxX oooooh ok lol xD its not that i'm not "used" to not having one, i just don't like taking the risk of destroying my phone because of the amount i txt… using the display for that only my phones would be replaced probably every 6 months because of display issues lol

  9. That phone is amazing. Is it a 3g or 4g?
    i found that they were offering the Samsung Cptivate on there. i don't know if it is still available.

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  10. This phone would be great….if it would actually connect to my damn computer. Make sure you read up on all the connective problems people have been having before deciding on this phone.

  11. just love the phone…got it almost a month back..good battery life sturdy feel…would have loved it more with a flash cos i take a lot of pics with my phones..

  12. This is my first and last samsung mobile phone. Nothing works on it, internet, email, gps even with 3/4 bars, runs so sluggish, slow to release updates, release 2.2 and maybe that might make it work as advertised until then avoid this phone.

  13. @blown528hemi heyy can you use the android market on this phone ? i heard you couldnt but some say you can . There's this really fun 'alchemy' game i wanna get :]

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